Project Rationale

The topic for my advocacy project is the Save the Bees movement. As a topic of importance that was once popular and quickly lost momentum, bee activism is worth revisiting due to the disastrous consequences we face. Food is one of the most vital components to our lives. Through brainstorming, we came up with this […]

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Best Blog Post

I began my blog without a full understanding of where I wanted to go with my topics and what main subject I would want to focus my material on. By the middle of the quarter the theme of my blog focused on the complexities and uses of the digital world, its translation into the physical world […]

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The Power and Limits of Digital Activism

The evolving way our generation has incorporated activism into our digital world is quite interesting…and quite unfortunate. While spreading knowledge and awareness about an organization is important, it has become imperative to incorporate an amusing or attention seeking act to reach a true, viral success. Within this strategy, we loose the fundamentals, importance and even […]

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Intimacy in the Digital World

As we become more and more dependent on technology for communicating, interacting and living our lives, we stumble upon issues involving the digital world and its many uses. One of these issues being our use of the internet and digital media in our (very) personal lives. Online dating and the promotion of living your personal lives […]

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